Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Week By The Sea

I've become obsessed today with the idea of renting a cottage by the sea and hiding out for a week of quiet and solitude... maybe even a whole summer.

I'm so obsessed that I'm finding myself closing my eyes and envisioning this "dream house" on more than one occasion today.

I've even perused online sites that offer beach rentals and homes for sale in beachy areas.

I tweeted about this idea and immediately was getting responses from others chiming in about how wonderful it sounded!

I'm dreaming of a small cottage with a long drive, lots of shade trees and beautiful blooming flowers. I'd like it to be in a cooler climate, north of where I am now in Pennsylvania. I'm looking for whitewashed walls, a pretty porch with a swing and romantic bedrooms with flowing, pastel curtains.

It's just the place to help me relax and completely recharge my energy and creativity.

There's no way that this fits into my current financial situation but just the thought of this cottage is getting me through the day and probably the upcoming weeks. Every business opportunity that comes my way and every sale that I get for the rest of the summer is going to get me one step closer to this dream.

It may be summers and summers away for me but it's my gift of enthusiasm and peace to you today.

Close your eyes, smell the salty air and feel the sea breeze on your skin...

A special thanks goes out to Tara at Scoutie Girl for her We Scout Wednesday post about the gift of enthusiasm.

Photo credit - RCP PA via Flickr Creative Commons


111collagedesign said...

I've been thinking of the sea a lot too lately :) I love the beach and swimming in the ocean is one of my favorite things ever! What a beautiful vision you have.

Jen said...

Wheee! your enthusiasm grabbed me when you tweeted about it. Then When I saw (also on twitter) you had blogged (via my tiny phone screen) I had to read right away, (on the phone) And you articulating your enthusiasm for this beachy scene, feel... love grabbed me and screamed (nicely) right in my face! I am actually headed to a much louder, hotter, less wonderous, but nice enough beach in a couple days. I'll soak up some and tweet it to you ok? Thanks so much for sharing your dream I loved reading! You'll get that week someday, better yet a Month, or SEASON!