Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Finds - Rich and Romantic

This Friday Finds was inspired by this breathtaking dress from Lovechild Boudoir. It's color is rich, romantic and unforgettable. $110.00

This gorgeous hair comb is offered by Chloe AND Maddie and is beautiful in it's rich dark reds and elaborate plumes. The rhinestone center really pops against the deep red. $27.95

The vibrant red in these earrings is breathtaking. Dreamy Vintage offers these beauties alongside other jewelry, made using vintage jewels. And they even come with complimentary gift wrapping... how perfect! $16.00

This gothic inspired necklace will really set some hearts on fire! Offered by Blackheart Jewellery, it features a shiny black metal cross and red Czech glass drops. $25.00

Oh, how fabulous are these vintage shoes from AdVintagous?! The seaming is lovely and the bow is just darling. Perfect for a night out on the town or dressed down for daytime. $20.00

Hope that your weekend is filled with fabulous moments as lovely as these romantic finds!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kick The Door Down!

I am so pleased to be included in Scoutie Girl's Kick The Door Down Project! This ezine is a collection of stories from women who have overcome adversity, life situations, personal struggles and difficulties to come out stronger on the other side. It is chock full of inspiration, honesty and words that will cheer you on through your life journey.

Thanks to Tara for this fabulous collection, for the honesty and truth with which she approaches every post on her blog and for her passionate support of handmade goods. It's all great over at Scoutie Girl! If you haven't been yet, check it out!

Art credit - Tara Gentile/

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brand New Pieces!

I'm so excited to announce the arrival of kaleidoscope ceramic bowls in my shop! The bowls measure 4 3/4 inches across by 3 inches tall and feature my kaleidoscope designs. There will be more designs listed soon but I just couldn't wait to show off my first offering!
This is just the first new arrival in my line of homegoods that I've been slaving over for weeks. Check back often to see the new goodies as they make their grand debuts!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday Finds - Window Shopping

The flowers, blooming trees and springtime emergence of robins has drawn my eye out the kitchen window as I cook, get down to the spring cleaning of my kitchen and spend time with my family in the hub of our home. My kitchen window is an ever changing collection of trinkets and vessels, both new and vintage.

These handblown glass bottles pictured above from Olde Hansa would look so beautiful with the sun shining through them on my windowsill. The colors are earthy and natural and the texture of the glass is so interesting. These bottles are currently sold out but check the shop for other beautiful, handblown choices.

I am loving terrariums and this kit from Augury is the perfect match for my new found love and my diy desires! The kit includes succulents, stones, soil and the orb. I love that you can design this yourself and it's flat bottom allows it to sit anywhere. The loop at the top also gives it the versatility to be able to hang. $28.00

This pretty little heart shaped dish from JD Wolfe Pottery is just the thing to hold your rings at the sink and keep them safe while your hands are in the soapy dishwater. I love the variation in color and the brown specks mixing with the olive greens. $10.00

This photographic print from Leaping Gazelle Studios reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen windowsill. Her sills are very deep and are full of beautiful glass bottles. When the sun filters in through the trees in her backyard, the colors were so magical to me as a child. $23.00

My kitchen window gets exquisite southern exposure which makes it perfect for my collection of succulents and cactuses. I have yet to add any markers to my plants but this marker from Monkeys Always Look has just the right amount of tongue in cheek charm to make an appearance in my kitchen! Her shop is beautiful and her collection of plant markers made from vintage silverware is quite fantastic. $6.50

Springtime always inspires me to re-make my environment... to come out of the cold and into a new life and new world. I hope that this collection of lovelies inspires you to remodel your kitchen windowsill! Have a beautiful weekend!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Finds - Shake Your Tail Feather!

The peacock is such a majestic and magnificent creature! The bold colors of their plumes are inspiring and the Etsy goodies I have found are purely glorious!

How about this luxurious headband pictured above from Baroque and Roll! The curving plumes are so graceful and the gleem of the feathers would look amazing in the low light of a romantic dinner with your beau. It's one of a kind and features a gorgeous vintage brooch. $90.00

What a beautiful mixed paper notebook from afiori! Based out of Sweden, her shop is like seeing the world through the eyes of someone who is newly in love... soft and romantic, sweet and observant. The peacock notebook measures 8x6 inches and it includes 80 pages of ecletic papers of varying weights. The cover is exquisite, to say the least. $22.00

Belle Sainte Maison offers this elegant and finely detailed collage art print. The colors are bold and vibrant and the collage features letterhead from the Metropolitan Hotel. $12.00

Clutch That has struck gold with their collection of peacock feather themed clutches. These bags gorgeous and so striking! This particular clutch is made to order and showcases a delicate and stunning handbeaded detailing. The clutch is made from dupioni silk outside and a turquoise satin lining. It's a beauty and sure to steal some jealous glances! $80.00

This beauty is a screen printed vintage 1960's locket. The colors are brilliant and I love how they mix so well with the gold of the locket itself. Verabel offers this locket alongside many other designs, all of which are worth a look. $32.00
Have a great weekend! I hope that you will take the chance this weekend to be yourself and show off some of your bold colors.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Finds - Local Love

There's nothing better than supporting local, small businesses and artists. It is my pleasure to feature some of the local goodies available from online Etsy shops based in my neighborhood, the Philadelphia area.

I love the simple and hauntingly memorable work of The Haunted Hollow Tree, as seen above. This is a newer piece in a series called "Found" that showcases the simple beauty of things we see on a daily basis. I like that the collection reminds us of the beauty all around us, like this bumblebee or the poetic way that the light hits a simple bottle of black ink like in this piece. $75.00

Vintage treasures abound from Lackluster Co, based in Lancaster, PA. This vintage letterpress printer drawer is an amazing find, perfect for displaying little collectables or just as a really neat, vintage piece in your home. $38.00

This beautiful print from Emmalynne is perfect for someone who treasures antiques and thrifted lovelies. I adore the soft, romantic feel of her shop and, of course, adore that she is based in the City of Brotherly Love! $10.00

Local artist, Stephanie Corfee's work is, in her own words, "...bohemian and wild, and meticulous and restrained." Her work is so carefree and inspiring! The majority of her shop is very colorful and feels like a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors. This piece really grabbed my eye since I seem to gravitate towards black and white images. Her work is simply unforgettable! $24.00

Delicate and fanciful, these reclaimed fabric and vintage lace flower bobby pin set are such a fantastic find from Cultivar. She also offers her reclaimed fabric flowers in necklaces, headbands, pins, shoeclips and even custom bridal bouquets. Her work is delicate and so soft and pretty. $26.00
Enjoy your upcoming weekend! Want to find local handmade artists in your neck of the woods? Check out Etsy's nifty "Shop Local" tool!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How to use just a few words to focus your business!

I have been thinking recently about branding and how the "feel" of my business translates from my hands and my brain to my customers.

It all came about because I have been struggling with my product photos lately. I am pleased with the warm wood tones in the background but have felt pressure to conform and incorporate the generally accepted white background. The wood feels more "me" but I wondered if the lighter background would gather more attention. The back and forth in my mind brought me deeper into a struggle that I am now trying to resolve.

I think that many businesses think one thing of themselves, while their customers might think quite another. How can business owners, both small or large, bring these two together to meet?

A thought came to me that maybe a list of adjectives might be just the cure for this disconnect. If I could come up with a few words (maybe 3 or 4?) that would describe the core asthetic and values of my business and products, then I could use this information as a template for each way that I present my products... online, in retail situations, through marketing materials, product packaging, correspondence and social networking sites. It would help me to create a unified and cohesive image that might make my business stand out and seem more well established, trustworthy and professional.

It wasn't easy coming up with words (and I'm still thinking) but so far I've come up with "romantic" and "bohemian." I really took my time and was very choosy about my words. I considered my whole collection when finding them. I need to round it out a little more by adding a few more core words but I am already feeling more focused. I feel like these words will become a contruct through which all of my business decisions will be informed.

How can a list of adjectives help you to become more focused? Do you already have specific words that you keep in mind when marketing yourself and building your business presence? I'm curious to see what words you choose for yourself! Please share them here... let's help each other build strong brands and send some handmade goodness out into the world!

Furry Forest Creatures

Amberalexander's pieces really grabbed my eye while browsing around on Etsy this evening. I love the dark feel to these pieces I've shown here and the quirky themes of animals intertwined in human life. I love how Amber illustrates faces and eyes in particular... dark, mysterious and full of longing.

She offers very resonably prices prints ($18.00 for an 8x10 print). She also offers ACEOs, cards and originals. Her shop is full of lovely pieces, perfect for any animal lover or nature buff.

If you are an art lover, it's certainly worth a moment to check out amberalexander on Etsy. Her effortless, soft and quirky style will not disappoint!

(All images copyright amberalexander)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday Finds - Dark Carnival

I have fallen in love with this Dark Carnival/Strange Circus theme. I spent many years in the magic industry and even rode an elephant or two in my day so this week's finds really appeal to me. This art print featuring a creepy and mysterious carnival barker from The Stapelia Company captures that macabre, dark and rich feel. $20.00

Love this 18 " tattooed art doll from mck254. She fits into the carnival theme perfectly. I picture her riding on the carnival train from town to town, slightly sad and thoughtful about the path her life has taken. She is a fanciful beauty among many others in mck254's shop! $225.00

I am a huge fan of black and white ANYTHING and this necklace from Minty Fresh Fusions may need to find a home around my neck. I love how it reminds me of a circus tent stripe. $42.00

Oh, how she reminds me of Lisa the elephant that I rode as Grand Marshall of the circus in Las Vegas! This set of 16 notecards from Dots and Dahlias are playful and memorable and I love the corresponding red envelopes! $18.00

This is a 2D print that looks like a 3D collage. It's another genius piece in Roadside's whimsicle and wonderful circus/carnival themed collection that includes everything from the knife juggler to the trick rider. It's a collection of work that has a very clear point of view and style that works so nicely together. Her shop is a joy and there is not one piece that should be missed! $15.00

Have a magical, mystical, comical, spectacular and wonderful weekend! Hope that you enjoyed this collection of circus-y goodness... sweet as cotton candy, salty as a huge bag of popcorn and wierd as that creepy clown you remember as a kid!