Friday, May 28, 2010

The Roots Of The Handmade Movement

I am forever inspired by the handmade movement... the way that artists and crafters reach out to one another in support and solidarity. It's like the roots of a tree reaching out underneath us all... connecting us and weaving us together. We are The Handmade Movement... you and I, the makers, the customers, the creators, the consumers.

It's through that web of crafters that I stumbled upon the creator of these beautiful images. I have always been a fan of Etsy's "heart" system that allows you to mark and make public artists that catch your eye. And through that system that I found Storytree Creations who makes these incredibly delicate and intricate blank cards.

They each measure 5x7 inches and would be such a lovely way to say thank you, I love you or to cheer up a friend with a little note.

The 5x7 size also makes them perfect for framing and keeping forever! How pretty would these look as a framed collection over your desk in your home office or guest bedroom?

Take a few minutes to look at who has "hearted" your shop. I'm sure you'll find some undiscovered gems and some new roots to follow along our journey in this handmade movement!

A Little Birdie Told Me That It's Friday

Time for another Friday Finds! I'm sorry to have been missing in action for the last two installments... craft show season is up on us and my queue of orders has been happily growing and growing!

This week's finds are inspired by spring and rebirth. The little chirps and twitters outside my window in the morning is a wonderfully cheerful way to start my day!

This eye catching brooch above created by Lovely Pigeon has been hand drawn onto heat shrink plastic. It's vintage inspired look is so hip and, in black and white, it goes with nearly anything. The perfect little beauty for your spring coat, scarf or to adorn your purse. $19.00

"Sly Devil" is a limited edition, archival print that features this folksy bird and pretty red flowers. Corid offers this print alongside a variety of others that would make a lovely collection when grouped together. As an artist who works in a square and colorful format myself, her square prints really "work" for me. Square frames are becoming easier and easier to find and it makes this a great option for unique art for your home. $20.00

I'm so into brooches right now (ever since Like Clochework gifted me this crocheted one last February... ) and this little birdie really fits the bill! He is so colorful and cheerful and he's even thinking green since he's made from 100% recycled eco-felt! Thanks to lovahandmade for making such an eco friendly cutie. $12.00

What a sweet thank you! This blank card, created by Able And Game, is the perfect way to send a chipper thanks. This is the kind of card that you want to frame and keep on your wall! $4.00

Love this delightful collage print from my fellow Between The Lines classmate, A Girl And Her Brush. The spring colors and the sweet little lovebirds are just darling. And it doesn't need to be framed since it's on stretched artists' canvas? Even better! $120.00

Happy, happy Friday everyone! Have a fantastic and colorful holiday weekend!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Kaleidoscope Collage Throw Pillow Slipcover

I am thrilled to announce the newest Painted Lily product in my homegoods collection! This vintage inspired throw pillow slipcover features my most popular kaleidoscope collage made from vintage images and art papers. The image has been custom printed on the linen-cotton canvas fabric and backed with a repurposed vintage counterpane bedspread. It's bold color and classic design lend this throw pillow to any decor.

There will be more designs to come and they can all be found in my online shop at

Beautiful Butterflies - Friday Finds

Spring brings with it my flowering, fragrant plants in the yard and the butterflies that come to gather their sweet nectars. I have found an amazing collection of handmade mariposa lovelies on Etsy.

These pretty, edible butterflies pictured above from Sugar Robot are gorgeous little editions to any cupcake or cake. The rich, deep turquoise color is simply breathtaking! $9.95 for a set of 20

Love this delicate bracelet from Out Of The Door! It's just thing for a special something for yourself! It's a sweet treat that YOU deserve! $20.00

This vintage inspired pillow cover offered by Jolie Marche measures a generous 20x20 inches and features detailed images of two beautiful butterflies along with a vintage label. So pretty and perfect as a bedroom accent. $35.00

Who wouldn't feel appreciated after receiving this one of a kind, handmade thank you card? Recycledideas offers this card is made from recycled junk mail and used office fliers. The most wonderful thing about this beauty is that it has flower seeds embedded in it and can be planted! What a perfect way to say "thank you!" $5.20

Made of a canvas cotton fabric with exceptional attention to high quality workmanship, this bag is a real showstopper brought to you by Ikabags. The color is vibrant and the butterflies frolicking in and among the cherry blossoms is perfect for springtime. It's generous enough to hold a laptop and even serve double duty as a fashionable diaper bag. It's a limited edition so snap it up while you can! $44.00

Happy Friday! If the weather is warm and nice where you are, take a little walk and see what pretty and magical butterflies live in your neighborhood. I hope you have a lovely weekend, full of beautiful moments!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Intricate Beauty

I am overjoyed to have stumbled upon another amazing artist on Etsy! I saw suzik in a treasury and had to explore her shop and her work more.

She makes temari balls which are a traditional Japanese craft made from the loose threads of womens' kimonos. They were made as toys for their children.

I was immediately drawn to the intricate nature of these temari balls. In my own work, I incorporate mandala patterns and the patterns in these balls were right along those lines... complex, thoughtful and purposeful.

I am in awe of the amount of time invested in each piece. Their beauty is overwhelming and I love that something this delicate, ornate and traditional is still handmade.

Suzik says of her temari balls, "I imagine myself as a woman sitting in a village in Japan with her resources and tools creating a special gift to give to her youngest daughter on a special day, or to give to a friend to help or heal."

Beautiful words about a beautiful product.