Sunday, May 03, 2009


I'm so pleased to announce the newest product in The Painted Lily line... stone tile drink coasters. I have learned a very specialized technique that allows me to apply my designs to stone tiles using a transparent medium that allows me to highlight the character of the tile underneath. No two stone tiles are the same and I love the variety of textures and colors available. I am very proud offer this line of useful and beautiful pieces that I hope will become a loved part of your home decor!

Each set of four is sealed with three coats of polyurethane to enhance and seal in the image and then the tiles are backed in cork to protect your furnishings.

Please visit my Etsy shop at to see all the designs available. More will be listed online frequently so check back often. Hooray for beautiful and functional home decor items!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Finds

-"Morning" 8x10 print, $20.00 from yellena

With Spring's arrival, I am really being drawn to the bright and wonderful colors of the season. The dreary greys and off whites of winter are gone and my world is blooming in purples, pinks and greens. These lovely pieces caught my eye and I had to share!

-"Botanica Exotica" 8x10 print, $20.00 from ArtGarden

-"Lady of Wildberry and Skulls" original mixed media painting, ACEO
$16.00 from LeandroArts
Please check out these shops and the lovely work from these three very talented artists. Celebrate Spring in your neck of the woods with some beautiful art pieces!

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's love, people!

I am in love! I hope that my husband doesn't mind that I have found another to steal my heart!

It's this FABULOUS bag from penelopeparker. The chocolate brown zebra print speaks to my inner goddess and the construction is strong, durable and pure perfection. The size is perfect... enough to carry everything that I need with no extra bulk. It is everything that I love about a bag... sexy, graphic and eye catching!

Get over there and check it out!
Thanks to Bri at for the great blog post featuring my work! Check it out at

I happen to love this colorful and fun (already sold) item from Attic Finds!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pounced Treasures!

I found myself browsing through Etsy tonight using the Pounce feature. It allows you to find new shops that have yet to make a sale. I found some great shops with beautiful pieces that are sure to experience their first sale soon! Head over to their shops and check out these great beauties!

Who wouldn't be inspired to get in touch with these gorgeous greeting cards from curiousgravy! These stunning designs are created from original carvings on linoleum blocks. Totally gorgeous designs and glorious colors! A must-have for classic correspondence!

These two glorious images are brought to you by DH Photography By Dawn. Cemetary statuary has long been a passion of mine to photograph and Dawn's eye for catching these beautiful subjects is perfect. She's a girl after my own heart and I hope these photographs touch you, as well.

Soft and sweet remembrances of days long gone... this piece by UpstairsStudio really caught my interest. It's a mixed media piece that measures 10x10. In the artist's words, "The young woman is dreaming of escaping her strict upbringing as she hums the hymn, I'll Fly Away Home. Birds flutter about ready to take her to her dreams." Beautiful sentiment, beautiful original piece. I can't wait to see more pieces appear in her shop!
Check out the Pounce feature on Etsy and find some incredible and exciting undiscovered shops for yourself!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Seven Things

Brenda at Phydeaux Designs tagged me! She wants me to share seven random things about myself that readers might not already know... Read on and then go and visit her beautiful shop at

1. I used to be a professional magician. My husband and I met as theatre majors in college and started performing together right away. After we graduated, we toured the country performing at colleges and universities. We got booked in South Florida at The Boca Raton Resort and Club and lived there for almost a year. In 1997, we got booked in Las Vegas at Casears Palace. We headlined there for over seven years and I also had a solo act during that time and performed in downtown Las Vegas. We moved back east to PA when our son was born in 2004 so that we could raise our kids near family. My husband still performs on cruise ships and at corporate events all around the country. Ta Da!

2. I love to read and have a library that is outgrowing it's space. I read every night before bed and try to find time for a least a few chapters during the day, if my current book selection is really great. My last book was "The Body of Christopher Creed" and I am currently reading "The Raw Shark Text." My sister is also an avid reader and I always rely on her suggestions. She hasn't steered me wrong yet!

3. We are expecting Baby Number Three! Our other kids (one boy and one girl) are very excited to be having a new baby in the house soon. I'm due July 19th and have been busy digging out all my old maternity clothes.

4. I have personally met and made friends with an elephant, a tiger and a chimpanzee. We performed with the tiger and the chimp in Vegas and rode the elephant a number of times as Grand Marshalls of the circus. I dreamed of being a vet to exotic or domestic animals as a little girl, so making these friends was a pretty big deal!

5. I never thought I'd be an artist and photographer. It was always a dream but I NEVER thought it would actually happen. Being a mom and wanting to be able to stay home with the kids but still have a creative outlet is what made it all become a reality for me.

6. I haven't taken down my Christmas decorations yet... not out of lingering holiday spirit but out of laziness.

7. Etsy, for me, is a family affair. My sister introduced me to it and she has a lovely shop, stocked full of beautiful hangbags that she designs and makes herself. Her shop is

My mom has a shop at and offers some really amazing Santas and primitive dolls.

And, finally, my son opened a shop and sells "Flower People," pins, hairclips and magnets that he makes. He hand molds each face, paints and texturizes each one. He picks out the flowers and combinations and only gets help with the gluing. He is currently sold out but working on new items. He was the hit of every holiday show that we went to and thinks himself quite the little businessman! Please visit his shop at!

Well, there are my Seven Random Facts and let me just say that it was hard (but fun!) to think of seven interesting things! Thanks for including me, Brenda! :)