Monday, July 12, 2010

An Old Fashioned, New Age Way To Communicate

In this age of texting and emails, the art of the handwritten letter has been all but lost in the rush of technology.

That's why I was overjoyed to find a small project going on (in a secret location), spearheaded by two artists named Lenka and Michael. Their goal is to send a handwritten letter to every home in the world.

They've started with Polish Hill, PA and now have their eyes set on a town outside of the US, to secretly barrage with lovely, personal, quirky and wonderful handwritten notes.

Lenka and Michael are looking for funding to start on the next step of their project. Visit them here to see their fun and inspiring video. And, feel free to make a donation and become a supporter of this super cool idea!

What a fun way to connect people and get a community talking and interacting with each other.

I, for one, cannot wait to get my letter!

Photo credit - A.Drian via Flickr Creative Commons

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