Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Perfect (and Quick) Bunny!

What a cutie! And just in time for Easter! I love this little soft bunny from Elsie Marley. This tutorial on her blog, teaches how to make these sweet little bunnies in only 15 minutes. And what's even better is that he is made from a lone baby sock... I've got a ton of those! These are going to multiple around my house today like... well... rabbits!
Check out her shop for goodies like these a*maz*ing fabric toys. What little boy or girl wouldn't love these?! Playful, colorful and perfect!

photos - Elsie Marley

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Finds - March

As March comes to a close, I am happily searching out the crocuses in my yard to remind me that warm temperatures and growth are just around the corner! I found these amazing Etsy items to inspire us as we head into April...

1. I love the pop of red on this funky lion mask print from MATTY8080. It measures over 10x14 and is perfect for framing. I picture this hanging in an industrial loft apartment! $25.00

2. This 16x20 limited edition print from matteart is super fun and colorful! I really appreciate the character, color palette and sense of style in these illustrations. $85.00

3. This is one of my very favorite pieces on Etsy and adornes my son, Leo's bedroom wall. It's sense of humor is so perfect to me. The lion's expressions and body language really make me giggle! Do yourself a favor and check out Kenneth Rougeau's work at synchronicity313! $4.99

4. Love, love, love these beer bottle top cufflinks from kiwialan! $10.00

5. So sweet... this darling little lamby from tiddlywinks is the perfect handmade goodie for your little one. $30.00

6. I'd love to see a collection of these prints, by lunaclaydesign, all grouped together on a wall. Printed on vintage dictionary pages, she offers the prints using illustrations like a parrot, mermaids, an owl, a duck and this great sheep. $8.00

7. I've seen HeliS' work all over Etsy and am happy to feature this awesome brooch. It's so funky and is a real conversation piece! $16.00

8. These adorable mama sheep and baby lamb stamps from norajane are perfect for your Easter or springtime stationary or scrapbooking! $6.00

Happy Spring, everyone! Here's to lots more "lamb" days in our futures!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Making It Happen

I am a woman on the verge...

My small art business was beginning to grow around me. I was beginning to feel like I was standing still while things whirled around me... like I was the stillness inside the blur of the tornado. Maybe it's the coming of spring that warms me to the core and awakens my creative spark.

A few weeks ago, my business boomed. Daily sales, lots of inquiries and a number of new wholesale accounts and orders. My inbox was bulging with emails and I was overwhelmed with orders and my business "to do" list.

And then came the calm after the storm. And I was shocked. I thought this was "it." I had envisioned that my parttime business was finally about to morph into a fulltime commitment. And then, a standstill!

I waited a day... nothing. No sales, no emails. Then, another day... nothing. It's now been ten days. I'm not a very patient person!

So, I've spent these last 10 days re-shooting photos, updating my website. I've just been catching up on general business maintainence. But, all the while, I've also been waiting. For what, I didn't know. But I kept waiting.

And then, I stumbled across this post by Scoutiegirl. I recently connected with Tara from Scoutiegirl online after finding her beautiful website and twitter page and realizing that she was from my area. Our paths had even crossed at a local craft show this holiday season when she purchased from me but I had no idea it was her!

Her post that caught my eye (and heart) was about creating abundance, making opportunities and living creatively. Her very personal story about her life growing up with a crafty, go get 'em mom really moved me. I am a mother of three and constantly strive to teach those important lessons of living vibrantly and creatively despite whatever life may throw your way.

Tara's message of "kick the damn door down" may very well be my new mantra. I don't need to sit here and wait for my business to grow around me. I need to get in there and get my hands dirty... start myself on a trajectory towards growth.

I now have in front of me (after hours of online research and soul searching) a dream list of shops, both large and small, that I would love to carry my work. I'm starting at the top and working my way through them, customizing my approach for each one. And I'm not hiding behind email contact, like I have in the past. I'm putting myself out there, walking in to talk to managers, owners, even buyers in big corporate offices. It's so not "me"... pitching myself and my work. But I'm finding it within myself to do it! My family and my kids deserve my success, my hard work demands it.

These are the doors I'm opening this week... shop doors and doors within myself that tell me that I'm worthy and able to accept success. What doors can you kick down this week?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bright Ideas

The bright sun and my cheerful mood inspired me to put together this treasury. I'm pleased to have featured...
Thanks to these amazing Etsy artists for all their colorful goodness!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Finds!

I love photography... capturing the beauty of a moment standing still forever. Old cameras hold a special place in my heart. These long lasting lovelies stood the test of time long before the technology of digital photography. This collection of goodies from Etsy showcases the vintage camera and all of the romance and kitsch that surround it.
1. I've been silently stalking this pretty necklace from japonicas for quite come time now. It's unique, it's quirky, it's perfect! $58.00
2. I met TinaCrespo at an art show last Spring and immediately fell in love with her delicate design asthetic. This lovely 12x18 print is a dream come true for any photography buff. $55.00
3. Any morning cup of joe would be picture perfect with these handprinted mugs by AceroStudio. $28.00
4. I know it's a mens' tee but I might need to own this combed cotton hasselblad tee, screenprinted by filmmonsters. $20.00
5. Lomography or ttv prints are so hip right now... classic and timeless. This 6x6 print by squidart is the perfect lomo option featuring a vintage argoflex. $20.00
6. LOVE this messenger bag offered by happyfamily! It's classic design, sleek and unique image perfectly fits any style. $20.00
7. "Keep calm and snap on" I totally need this print offered by KeepCalmShop in my studio! $14.95
Everyone have a great weekend! If you've got a camera, go out there and shoot this weekend!
*Want to fake the look of vintage photographs? Check out this neat site... It allows you to put a filter on any photo from your computer or from your flickr photostream. It's super cool, fun and easy to do!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boho Beautiful

Spring is just around the corner here in the northeast and the sun and warming temps are urging me to browse around for some hip, new fashions. This collection from Shanghai's idea2lifestyle on Etsy, really appeals to my comfortable, boho sensibilities. His clothes look breezy and funky... the perfect combination for my closet. Do yourself a favor and go check out his shop... pretty, unique pieces for very reasonable prices!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Color Study - Soft Yellow

Here on the east coast, Spring is coming and my thoughts are turning to the soft feathers of baby ducks! The days are getting longer and the snow is melting as the temperatures slowly start to climb. On a walk through my backyard yesterday, I saw my crocuses starting to emerge. It felt like the day would never come and that we would be buried under a mound of snow forever. Here's to the springing of Spring!

1. This luxurious yarn is offered by yoknits. 48 yards of knitting goodness! $30.00

2. This romantic and comfortable dress by GinaMicheleVintage is the perfect fit for a warm spring day. Stand by the blooming daffodils in your garden and look picture perfect! $64.00

3. Delicate and beautiful, these earrings offered by littlebugjewelry are lemony delicious! Such a pretty indulgence for only $29.00.

4. My hubby totally needs this cool tee from Canadian based, locomotive. I love that the company offers environmentally sound tees for men, women and kids using really neat graphics. $28.00

5. I'm a big fan of cute hats for babies and I'm disappointed that my little ones are all too old for this knitted treasure from reimaginedtreasures. I'm just waiting for the next baby announcement so that I can give this as a gift! $25.00

6. One of my personal indulgences is handmade soaps. I love stumbling across new Etsy soap makers who offer beautiful and luxurious scents. This lemon verbena soap by seaspritesoaps is no exception! It "captures the essential tart sunniness of lemon verbena in a creamy white and sunshine yellow swirled bar." Sounds good to me! $5.00

7. I adore this bright and sunny headband from sunshinesparrow. It's delicate flowers and bold, happy color really appeal the springtime vibe I'm feeling. Such an easy way to look put together! $16.00

Now, go frolic and be happy!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Color Study - Pretty Pinks

This week's color study is inspired by a tiny, little girl whose face I'm waiting to see...

1. This soft and delicate photographic print from yvetteinufio makes me dream of Spring and birth. This print is just one of many beauties in her shop that capture the quiet details in the everyday. Her vision is pure and inspiring. $30.00

2. Who could resist this darling pink and ecru beanie from nuxiemade? What a beautiful way to keep your little girl's tiny noggin warm! $27.00

3. I really love soft, handmade toys for kids. This owl named Flora from contemori looks like just the thing to become a special "lovey" for any little girl. With her pretty printed tummy and big felt eyes, Flora is dreaming of a home to keep her warm and cozy. What a magical story to share with a little girl! $23.00

4. Goat's milk soap is so luxurious and great for your skin. CozyMoments offers this sweet and super girly, candy scented soap that would be the perfect way to pamper a new mommy. $5.25

5. This lush and soft pettiskirt is a dream come true for any little princess! Made from 35 yards of fluffy chiffon, this pettiskirt is twirly and dramatic. FairyWonderful offers this skirt in a variety of colors and sizes alongside many other magical items for your little one. $50.00

6. This cherry tree photographic print from chelseashores is simple beauty. Looking through her collection of images is like floating through hazy, dreamlike moments. I would love to see this print hanging in a little girl's nursery. $20.00

7. Mommy needs some pretty things too and this gorgeous vintage gown is just the thing. I envision Mommy in her dressing room getting ready for a night on the town with Daddy... her little girl sitting on the vanity watching Mommy put on her makeup (and even getting a little blush and lip gloss of her own). VintageFrocksOfFancy offers this amazing 1950's prom gown along with so many other vintage beauties. $250.00

See the world through rose colored glasses and honor the inner princess in you! Happy Friday!