Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How to use just a few words to focus your business!

I have been thinking recently about branding and how the "feel" of my business translates from my hands and my brain to my customers.

It all came about because I have been struggling with my product photos lately. I am pleased with the warm wood tones in the background but have felt pressure to conform and incorporate the generally accepted white background. The wood feels more "me" but I wondered if the lighter background would gather more attention. The back and forth in my mind brought me deeper into a struggle that I am now trying to resolve.

I think that many businesses think one thing of themselves, while their customers might think quite another. How can business owners, both small or large, bring these two together to meet?

A thought came to me that maybe a list of adjectives might be just the cure for this disconnect. If I could come up with a few words (maybe 3 or 4?) that would describe the core asthetic and values of my business and products, then I could use this information as a template for each way that I present my products... online, in retail situations, through marketing materials, product packaging, correspondence and social networking sites. It would help me to create a unified and cohesive image that might make my business stand out and seem more well established, trustworthy and professional.

It wasn't easy coming up with words (and I'm still thinking) but so far I've come up with "romantic" and "bohemian." I really took my time and was very choosy about my words. I considered my whole collection when finding them. I need to round it out a little more by adding a few more core words but I am already feeling more focused. I feel like these words will become a contruct through which all of my business decisions will be informed.

How can a list of adjectives help you to become more focused? Do you already have specific words that you keep in mind when marketing yourself and building your business presence? I'm curious to see what words you choose for yourself! Please share them here... let's help each other build strong brands and send some handmade goodness out into the world!

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