Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Finds - Local Love

There's nothing better than supporting local, small businesses and artists. It is my pleasure to feature some of the local goodies available from online Etsy shops based in my neighborhood, the Philadelphia area.

I love the simple and hauntingly memorable work of The Haunted Hollow Tree, as seen above. This is a newer piece in a series called "Found" that showcases the simple beauty of things we see on a daily basis. I like that the collection reminds us of the beauty all around us, like this bumblebee or the poetic way that the light hits a simple bottle of black ink like in this piece. $75.00

Vintage treasures abound from Lackluster Co, based in Lancaster, PA. This vintage letterpress printer drawer is an amazing find, perfect for displaying little collectables or just as a really neat, vintage piece in your home. $38.00

This beautiful print from Emmalynne is perfect for someone who treasures antiques and thrifted lovelies. I adore the soft, romantic feel of her shop and, of course, adore that she is based in the City of Brotherly Love! $10.00

Local artist, Stephanie Corfee's work is, in her own words, "...bohemian and wild, and meticulous and restrained." Her work is so carefree and inspiring! The majority of her shop is very colorful and feels like a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors. This piece really grabbed my eye since I seem to gravitate towards black and white images. Her work is simply unforgettable! $24.00

Delicate and fanciful, these reclaimed fabric and vintage lace flower bobby pin set are such a fantastic find from Cultivar. She also offers her reclaimed fabric flowers in necklaces, headbands, pins, shoeclips and even custom bridal bouquets. Her work is delicate and so soft and pretty. $26.00
Enjoy your upcoming weekend! Want to find local handmade artists in your neck of the woods? Check out Etsy's nifty "Shop Local" tool!


Emmy said...

Really fantastic finds... You have flawless taste, if I may say so!

And thank you so much for the mention!

Emmy said...

Really great finds here... you have flawless taste, if I may say so!

Thanks again for the mention!