Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday Finds - Window Shopping

The flowers, blooming trees and springtime emergence of robins has drawn my eye out the kitchen window as I cook, get down to the spring cleaning of my kitchen and spend time with my family in the hub of our home. My kitchen window is an ever changing collection of trinkets and vessels, both new and vintage.

These handblown glass bottles pictured above from Olde Hansa would look so beautiful with the sun shining through them on my windowsill. The colors are earthy and natural and the texture of the glass is so interesting. These bottles are currently sold out but check the shop for other beautiful, handblown choices.

I am loving terrariums and this kit from Augury is the perfect match for my new found love and my diy desires! The kit includes succulents, stones, soil and the orb. I love that you can design this yourself and it's flat bottom allows it to sit anywhere. The loop at the top also gives it the versatility to be able to hang. $28.00

This pretty little heart shaped dish from JD Wolfe Pottery is just the thing to hold your rings at the sink and keep them safe while your hands are in the soapy dishwater. I love the variation in color and the brown specks mixing with the olive greens. $10.00

This photographic print from Leaping Gazelle Studios reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen windowsill. Her sills are very deep and are full of beautiful glass bottles. When the sun filters in through the trees in her backyard, the colors were so magical to me as a child. $23.00

My kitchen window gets exquisite southern exposure which makes it perfect for my collection of succulents and cactuses. I have yet to add any markers to my plants but this marker from Monkeys Always Look has just the right amount of tongue in cheek charm to make an appearance in my kitchen! Her shop is beautiful and her collection of plant markers made from vintage silverware is quite fantastic. $6.50

Springtime always inspires me to re-make my environment... to come out of the cold and into a new life and new world. I hope that this collection of lovelies inspires you to remodel your kitchen windowsill! Have a beautiful weekend!


leapinggazelle said...

Jenny, I share your love for bottles... how the light shines through them and gives them such a different look from the cool morning tones to the golden glow of the late afternoon. What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for featuring my photo on your lovely blog.

allison cecil said...

Wow what an amazing collection! I love those bottles!!! Thanks for including me!

JDWolfe said...

Great collection of items. Thanks!