Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday Finds - Dark Carnival

I have fallen in love with this Dark Carnival/Strange Circus theme. I spent many years in the magic industry and even rode an elephant or two in my day so this week's finds really appeal to me. This art print featuring a creepy and mysterious carnival barker from The Stapelia Company captures that macabre, dark and rich feel. $20.00

Love this 18 " tattooed art doll from mck254. She fits into the carnival theme perfectly. I picture her riding on the carnival train from town to town, slightly sad and thoughtful about the path her life has taken. She is a fanciful beauty among many others in mck254's shop! $225.00

I am a huge fan of black and white ANYTHING and this necklace from Minty Fresh Fusions may need to find a home around my neck. I love how it reminds me of a circus tent stripe. $42.00

Oh, how she reminds me of Lisa the elephant that I rode as Grand Marshall of the circus in Las Vegas! This set of 16 notecards from Dots and Dahlias are playful and memorable and I love the corresponding red envelopes! $18.00

This is a 2D print that looks like a 3D collage. It's another genius piece in Roadside's whimsicle and wonderful circus/carnival themed collection that includes everything from the knife juggler to the trick rider. It's a collection of work that has a very clear point of view and style that works so nicely together. Her shop is a joy and there is not one piece that should be missed! $15.00

Have a magical, mystical, comical, spectacular and wonderful weekend! Hope that you enjoyed this collection of circus-y goodness... sweet as cotton candy, salty as a huge bag of popcorn and wierd as that creepy clown you remember as a kid!

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mimi k said...

wonderful collection- thanks for including me!