Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sweet Relief For Artists

As someone who works with their hands, I am always looking for ways to keep mine moisturized and nourished. Working with stone just tears up my skin. Digging through stacks and stacks of stone tiles leaves my skin sore and dry. The sealers that I use require that I wash my hands often and it always leaves my skin dry, even after using a good soap and moisturizer. It's an ongoing battle that is often quite painful.

On a recent trip to Lowe's, the home improvement store, I was standing in line and saw a product that caught my eye.

It's packaging is great for standing out in the crowd of "impulse buys" that populate the checkout lines everywhere.

But it's not the brightly colored packaging that proved to be the genius of this product. I was feeling brave and took the chance that it might actually be THE product that would work for my dry and sore skin. And, let me just say... that IT WAS.

I've never tried a healing moisturizer quite like this one. O'Keeffe's boasts that it boosts your skin's ability to heal, rather than just work like other short term moisturizers. And, it works. I've used Working Hands for two full days now and I can see an immense difference in the serious trouble spots on my hands. They have improved by at least 60% and that's only after two days!

The O'Keeffe moisturizing/healing product line was the brain child of Tara O'Keeffe over 25 years ago. Her father, a California/Oregon border rancher, was constantly plagued with sore, dry and cracked hands and feet from all the rough work on the farm. Tara's degree in pharmaceuticals prepared her perfectly to create a product that no giant cosmetic company ever could... one that would help her dad and heal millions of working hands.

O'Keeffe's offers other products specifically for cracked feet and for skin exposed to the elements. If they are anywhere as good as this one for hands, I highly recommend them.

Check out O'Keeffe's online here!

Hands photo credit - Horia Varlan via flickr Creative Commons
O'Keeffe's Healing Hands photo - via


PKKDesign said...

My battered jewelry making hands and I may be thanking you soon!

Jenny said...


Oh, yes you will be thanking me! It's one of the best purchases I've ever made!

Happy hydrating! :)