Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My Happy Birthday Bucket List...

Another year has passed and I am, once again, celebrating the day I was brought into this world. It's always a time of reflection. I think about what it must have been like for my parents on the day I was born, compare it to the memories that I have of my children's not so distant births. I think about my memories of some of my favorite birthdays and many of the wonderful and exciting things I've done in my life. I remember all the places I've been and things I've done that I never dreamed in a million years would happen to me... I rode an elephant in the circus, Michael Jackson serenaded me, I saw my name in lights on the Las Vegas strip alongside my husband/best friend, I called a chimpanzee named Tarzan my friend, I traveled the world, I performed for thousands and thousands of people and finally settled down, became an artist and had three amazing children to complete the puzzle. And that's just in the first 29 years (ok.. so I'm a few years older than 29. Gimme a break.)

And, inevitably, any birthday sends my thoughts to how quickly the years have passed. I look in the mirror and see the wrinkles slowly starting to form (I'm happy to say that they include wonderful lines from the many laughs I've had in my life!) and the gray hairs peeking through my dark ones. I won't hide them. It's a conversation I just had with my sister today about how it's just who I am and who I'll become. I will embrace it along with all the other signs of getting older as they creep in. I'm passionate about being that woman with FABULOUS gray hair.

It leads me to think how many birthdays will I have left? How many more years do any of us have? It's a frightening, yet empowering thought.

So, maybe it's time to create my bucket list. You know, that cultural phenomenon term that became popular from the movie of the same title a few years back? It's the list of things you want to do before you ... die. There, I said it. Yeah.

I'm not ready to share mine yet. Mostly because it will probably never be finished. It's barely even started. Certainly not put down on paper. But it's forming in my mind... a mental checklist of opportunities I want to make for myself, wild things that I HAVE to do to feel like I've really lived. It's something that maybe we should all ponder on our birthdays, or any day.

Feel like sharing what's on your list? I'll post a few of mine if you share a few of yours? You first! :)

Photo credit - Lady Lbrty via flickr Creative Commons


Jen said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!!
I'd love to share that I really really really want to pilot an airplane for takeoff and landing.I mean, really really. I wanted to be a bird when I was a child, I guess it goes along with that...;)

Jenny said...

Thank you, Jen! To pilot a plane would be such a rush. I hope that you have the chance to do it!

Ok, I'll share one of mine. I want to someday own an old house with a guest house or refurbished barn that I can use a detached studio. It would be so empowering for me to be able to "go to work" out of the house.

Thanks for sharing one of your bucket list dreams! It's a gooooood one!

111collagedesign said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you have had some amazing experiences. My birthday is on Friday. I was just thinking about this topic earlier this afternoon (stuck full of needles - I was getting acupuncture!)
Getting older is weird, but it occurred to me I am exactly the age I am supposed to be - I mean how could it be otherwise.
On my bucket list - attending a weekend retreat with Pema Chodron (a famous Buddhist nun). Also, I would like to spend 6 months living in a city in Europe one day!

Jenny said...


Thanks for sharing some of your bucket list and happy early birthday! Six months in Europe would be a*maz*ing!

Ok, I'll share another! I hope that when my kids are older and have families of their own that my husband and I can rent a beach house/cottage big enough for all of us and we can spend one week (or two... or a whole summer) on a crazy and wonderful vacation together. I picture kids everywhere, sand and wet bathing suits everywhere, stacks upon stacks of pancakes for breakfast, lots of laughter and stories being shared. It would be perfect and unforgettable!

Brenda said...

Happy birthday, Jenny! I hope your day was special!

Jenny said...

Thanks, Brenda! It was really nice and this weekend I'll be getting together with my parents and sister and her family for a little cake and good company. And my husband will be home from his work trip so it'll be a great little celebration!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

katie said...

My Bucket List (an excerpt):

1. Become a Reiki master
2. Publish a novel
3. Own an antique pick-up truck

Happy birthday!