Friday, June 11, 2010

Come Clean In A Pool Of Fire - Friday Finds

Sometimes the only way to find yourself on the other side of a difficult situation is to walk right through the middle of it. You'll emerge on the other side, maybe a little burned, slightly scarred but alive and ready to live.

(Above) "Fall On Fire" fine art print by Life's A Menagerie - $30.00

Firestarter Earrings by Black Owl Jewelry - $20.00

Acacia (tree of life) oil painting from Sheri Wiseman - $30.00

"Playing With Fire" photo reproduction by Peace House - $18.00

"And She Rose From The Heat" kaleidoscope print from The Painted Lily - $30.00

This Friday Finds was inspired by a lyric from this amazing SheDaisy song, "Repent. Check it out right here...

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