Friday, May 28, 2010

The Roots Of The Handmade Movement

I am forever inspired by the handmade movement... the way that artists and crafters reach out to one another in support and solidarity. It's like the roots of a tree reaching out underneath us all... connecting us and weaving us together. We are The Handmade Movement... you and I, the makers, the customers, the creators, the consumers.

It's through that web of crafters that I stumbled upon the creator of these beautiful images. I have always been a fan of Etsy's "heart" system that allows you to mark and make public artists that catch your eye. And through that system that I found Storytree Creations who makes these incredibly delicate and intricate blank cards.

They each measure 5x7 inches and would be such a lovely way to say thank you, I love you or to cheer up a friend with a little note.

The 5x7 size also makes them perfect for framing and keeping forever! How pretty would these look as a framed collection over your desk in your home office or guest bedroom?

Take a few minutes to look at who has "hearted" your shop. I'm sure you'll find some undiscovered gems and some new roots to follow along our journey in this handmade movement!

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