Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Intricate Beauty

I am overjoyed to have stumbled upon another amazing artist on Etsy! I saw suzik in a treasury and had to explore her shop and her work more.

She makes temari balls which are a traditional Japanese craft made from the loose threads of womens' kimonos. They were made as toys for their children.

I was immediately drawn to the intricate nature of these temari balls. In my own work, I incorporate mandala patterns and the patterns in these balls were right along those lines... complex, thoughtful and purposeful.

I am in awe of the amount of time invested in each piece. Their beauty is overwhelming and I love that something this delicate, ornate and traditional is still handmade.

Suzik says of her temari balls, "I imagine myself as a woman sitting in a village in Japan with her resources and tools creating a special gift to give to her youngest daughter on a special day, or to give to a friend to help or heal."

Beautiful words about a beautiful product.

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