Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Finds!

I love photography... capturing the beauty of a moment standing still forever. Old cameras hold a special place in my heart. These long lasting lovelies stood the test of time long before the technology of digital photography. This collection of goodies from Etsy showcases the vintage camera and all of the romance and kitsch that surround it.
1. I've been silently stalking this pretty necklace from japonicas for quite come time now. It's unique, it's quirky, it's perfect! $58.00
2. I met TinaCrespo at an art show last Spring and immediately fell in love with her delicate design asthetic. This lovely 12x18 print is a dream come true for any photography buff. $55.00
3. Any morning cup of joe would be picture perfect with these handprinted mugs by AceroStudio. $28.00
4. I know it's a mens' tee but I might need to own this combed cotton hasselblad tee, screenprinted by filmmonsters. $20.00
5. Lomography or ttv prints are so hip right now... classic and timeless. This 6x6 print by squidart is the perfect lomo option featuring a vintage argoflex. $20.00
6. LOVE this messenger bag offered by happyfamily! It's classic design, sleek and unique image perfectly fits any style. $20.00
7. "Keep calm and snap on" I totally need this print offered by KeepCalmShop in my studio! $14.95
Everyone have a great weekend! If you've got a camera, go out there and shoot this weekend!
*Want to fake the look of vintage photographs? Check out this neat site... It allows you to put a filter on any photo from your computer or from your flickr photostream. It's super cool, fun and easy to do!

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squidart said...

Oooooo, I just love this collection! Thank you so much for including my "A Tribute" print.

I am lucky to be in such great company. I have been coveting AceroStudio's work for ever now!