Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Finds - March

As March comes to a close, I am happily searching out the crocuses in my yard to remind me that warm temperatures and growth are just around the corner! I found these amazing Etsy items to inspire us as we head into April...

1. I love the pop of red on this funky lion mask print from MATTY8080. It measures over 10x14 and is perfect for framing. I picture this hanging in an industrial loft apartment! $25.00

2. This 16x20 limited edition print from matteart is super fun and colorful! I really appreciate the character, color palette and sense of style in these illustrations. $85.00

3. This is one of my very favorite pieces on Etsy and adornes my son, Leo's bedroom wall. It's sense of humor is so perfect to me. The lion's expressions and body language really make me giggle! Do yourself a favor and check out Kenneth Rougeau's work at synchronicity313! $4.99

4. Love, love, love these beer bottle top cufflinks from kiwialan! $10.00

5. So sweet... this darling little lamby from tiddlywinks is the perfect handmade goodie for your little one. $30.00

6. I'd love to see a collection of these prints, by lunaclaydesign, all grouped together on a wall. Printed on vintage dictionary pages, she offers the prints using illustrations like a parrot, mermaids, an owl, a duck and this great sheep. $8.00

7. I've seen HeliS' work all over Etsy and am happy to feature this awesome brooch. It's so funky and is a real conversation piece! $16.00

8. These adorable mama sheep and baby lamb stamps from norajane are perfect for your Easter or springtime stationary or scrapbooking! $6.00

Happy Spring, everyone! Here's to lots more "lamb" days in our futures!

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