Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Steven Tyler Effect

If you're anything like me, and millions of people in America right now, you're loving the new season of American Idol. We all wondered what the energy would be like with the new judges and I, for one, am really pleased.

We all knew that J Lo was a kind hearted, sweet person who would judge with a soft hand. And Randy... we all knew what to expect from him.

But the real standout this year for me is Steven Tyler.

I never really knew much about Steven Tyler... he's the frontman for Aerosmith who I assumed lived the usual rockstar life. I figured he was a little flaky, probably a little lecherous and maybe even full of himself. That was all before I started watching him on AI.

He's shown what I now call "The Steven Tyler Effect." He's shown heart and kindness and a restrained, perfect amount of crazy to the nation. And we LOVE him for it. America is eating him up right now!

We loved seeing him lean in to the wheelchair bound girlfriend of early favorite, Chris Medina. The moment that Steven whispered in her ear and we caught the words of that very private moment, I heard the nation fall in love with him.

And it got me thinking, what part of myself have I never shown the world (even just my twitter or facebook audience) that might really make them "get" me? I challenge you to consider the same thing along with me. What small part of yourself do you keep hidden away that might make all the difference in someone really gravitating to you and what you offer, present or even sell online?

It might be frightening to show that part of you that is sentimental or soft, maybe hard edged or tough as nails. I've watched week after week now of Steven kissing male contestants on the cheek, grooving along with their songs with reckless abandon and showing that kind of passionate living that we all strive for.

It's being unabashedly yourself. It's loving fully and connecting deeply to those around you. It's soul stirring to watch and inspiring to consider trying for yourself. It's living life in truest rockstar fashion... in the moment, full of life.

So, do it. What do you have to show me?

Just do me a favor and don't trash any hotel rooms.

*Photo credit - Rockstar fine art photo print from Licorice Prints on Etsy.

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Wendy Brightbill said...

ok, so i came to your blog to comment on the blog hop post, which i will in a bit. but then i read this post and had to comment!!! i love it! i am so one of those unexpected fans of steven tyler. he has blown me away this season. i so did not expect to love him, but i do!!! and i love the point that you made with this post. i am going to be thinking about the steven tyler effect now. thanks!!!