Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I've had a really fabulous and surprising holiday rush! My business this season has more than doubled from last year and I'm thankful beyond belief. This business growth has allowed wonderful opportunities for my family and that's just huge. Thank you to all my friendly and thoughtful customers for supporting handmade and following the growth of an individual artist along this rewarding journey! I hope that you love the pieces you've purchased and that they are big hits with your "giftees" this holiday season.

So, as a big thank you to my customers, twitter friends and facebook pals, I'm doing a quick stone tile coaster giveaway today! Just visit my shop on Etsy and let me know which coaster set you're dreaming of this holiday, leave me comment here telling me who you'd gift them to and why (or if it's just a special something for you!). Around 5PM, my family will pick a number and gift those coasters to that number commentor on my blog! It's that easy! Make sure you've left me a way to get in touch with you! Your new coasters will ship on Monday and be delivered in plenty of time for Christmas gifting!

So, there's no strings attached... no need to follow me on twitter or friend me on facebook, no mailing list signups... just me wishing YOU a happy holidays!

Have a very blessed and joyous holiday season!!


avocado said...

I like the vintage apple labels - and I'd keep them just for me because I deserve something nice after such a stressful year : )

The Krazy Sheep said...

I'd have to say I like the Emerald Women best. There's nobody still wanting on my Xmas list - well not that would be excited about coasters anyway. So I'd keep them for me. :)

del said...

What a generous giveaway! I would choose the vintage magazine covers. They fit my colorful personal style perfectly!!

Marla Fletcher said...

Remembering the Sea!!!!! The beach is a very special place for our family! We love making memories down the shore every year! Plus the colors would look wonderful in my house.

Jenny said...

Congrats to EVERYONE! You ALL win the coasters of your choice! Have a wonderful holiday season! :)