Friday, October 15, 2010

What's The Story, Morning Glory?

Inspired by Johnny B Truant's post over on Etsy about telling the story of your products inspired me to to reveal a little of my life, by explaining one of my favorite products in my shop. These are my vintage Kellar magic poster stone coaster set.

Before I became an artist and a mom, I was a professional magician. My husband and I traveled the country, and the world, performing for Fortune 500 corporations, on cruise ships and at private parties. We ended up in Las Vegas for seven years, headlining in our own show at Caesars Palace. It was a dream job with the really cool benefits of getting to hang out with celebrities, see our names on the same marquee as Frank Sinatra back in the day and live a truly fabulous and exciting life.

One of my favorite things about the world of magic are the very rare magic posters from ages long gone. These vibrant and colorful stone lithographs are hard to find in some cases and VERY large in others. It's very difficult (and expensive!) to find these posters as originals and it's sometimes hard to find wall space large enough to display them in your home.

These stone drink coasters are the perfect way to display the bright and bold history of these very rare and sought after magic posters. Favorites of magicians, circus enthusiasts and design professionals, these Kellar posters are classic collectables from the era of big traveling shows. This coaster set is a nice way to own a piece of this magical history without making the huge monetary commitment to owning an original stone lithograph poster.

I'd love to hear the stories of some of the pieces you've created! Feel free to tell your story on your blog or website and link it up here!

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