Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Southern Charms

Deer Valley rag quilt - $175.00 from Southern Charm Quilts

I'm a southerner at heart. Although I was born in the middle of Pennsylvania, my family is deeply rooted in the south and every summer held a trip for my mother, father, sister and I into the south to visit relatives there. It's a place that holds memories for me of the warm embrace of family and the romance of moss hanging from a canopy of trees.

I love sweet tea, a good front porch swing and a lazy warm Sunday in the sun wearing a long, effortless sundress.

Please enjoy this collection of handmade goodies... inspired by and/or made in the south!

Victorian Blush vintage pearls and rosary chain - $35.00 from Renee Loughlin

You Are My Sunshine poster - $8.00 from Jessica Swift

8x8 turquoise handmade pine picture frame - $22.00 from DA Custom Frames

Tree Of Life print - $25.00 from Not Yo Momma's Handbag

Blush Earrings - $22.00 from Eternal Eden

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